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The Fidget Spinner Craze

Posted by Brendon Silver on Jun 1, 2017 1:07:36 PM

5 Reasons Why Fidget Spinners are Taking Over the World

The fidget spinner? Yes, this low cost promotional product is taking over the promotional product world by storm. In fact, we see it taking over the market share from popular items like stress balls and desktop puzzles. If you don't know about them will.  Take a look at our Fidget Spinner Special for June 2017.

American Flag Fidget SpinnerAmerican Flag LED Fidget Spinner

Here are our top 5 reasons why fidget spinners are taking the advertising speciality world by storm:

  1. Perfect tool for thinking and concentration
  2. Amazing item to reduce stress and relax
  3. Inspires creativity and increases the ability to improvise
  4. Stop people from staring at their phones all day
  5. Perfect low cost item for brand recognition and promotional marketing

The fidget spinner is here and it's the perfect conversation starter. We believe that it's an amazing promotional product for concentration, stress relief and creativity.  It is a perfect low cost promotional product.

Stop procrastinating and spin your brand to the top this summer.

Want to know more about this promotional product and receive a sample? Take a look at our Fidget Spinner Special for June 2017.

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Fidget Spinner Summer Special

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