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Summer Promotions - Keys to Promoting Your Brand During Summer

Posted by Brendon Silver on Apr 26, 2017 10:36:59 AM

Arghhh...the summertime slump.  It’s a fact that business tends to slow down over the summer months.  School is out, the kids are at home, and people are traveling.  Don't let your brand take a break while you're on vacation.  

Want to boost your brand’s visibility during the summer and keep it sizzling all year long?   Some "cool" summer swag to take to the beach, the pool or just about anywhere is the way to go!

Our motto this summer: Always. Be. Promoting.

Summer promotions are a fun way to show your appreciation and get your brand noticed by clients and potential customers.  What are the best promotional products for this summer? Check out our top 10 list of the best summer promotions.

Summer Promotions - All in one beach cooler and tote bag Keys to promoting your company - bottle opener sunglasses summer promotions - H2Go Force Water Bottle

The Three Keys to Promoting your Company Over the Summer

  1. Promotional Products are great for sparking up a conversation
  2. Give your Promotional Products to family and friends who are going on vacation (free marketing)
  3. Make the best use of product real estate. Purchase a promotional product that has two imprint locations.   Use the first location for your logo and the second location for a mission statement or a description of your business.  Make sure you have a link to your website and phone number.  You can also use the second location for a special offer or discount on your next purchase. 

Staying relevant throughout the summer season is easy.  Using promotional products as a marketing technique is key to beating the “summertime slump” and increasing sales.

Do you have any summer promotional product success stories?  We would love to hear from you.

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